Rental properties are inspected every three months in Australia. Property managers are overworked, tenants are given frustrating boilerplate directions and property owners are regularly out of the loop. With so many opportunities for conflict, it’s no wonder rental inspections are currently miserable for everyone.

Cordially is a Perth-based technology company with a mission to improve the way rental inspections are done. By increasing the transparency of the inspection process and bringing all of the parties together in a collaborative way, Cordially creates better relationships between property managers, their tenants and the owners of the properties.

In order to create a meaningful change within the property management industry, Cordially required a solution and brand that would meet the competing priorities of property managers, owners and tenants all at once. Bearing that in mind, Modular designed a brand identity that was trustworthy for property managers, valuable for property owners and relateable for tenants.

Modular named the company, created the logo and colour palette, mapped out and designed the app mock-ups and user experience, and established the tone for communicating with clients and users.


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What's in a name?

Together with the Cordially team, Modular created a brand name that evokes the qualities that are currently missing from the rental industry. "Cordially" pictures a more optimistic and empathetic future for renting.

How do you sell a product that doesn't exist yet?

Like all savvy startups, Cordially knew that they needed to test their product / market fit before investing heavily in app development. But customers still needed help imagining how a product might look and feel before they could decided if they'd use it.

To help Cordially sell their app before it was complete, we created realistic mockups that they could use across their website, marketing materials and pitch decks. These mockups gave Cordially the confidence and clarity they needed to engage with future customers and investors.

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